5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Pool

A new pool is a fantastic addition to your home. It will add value, provide entertainment, and of course is also a great way to keep fit.

No matter why you’ve had yours installed, you’ll need to learn how to take care of it to keep it in top condition.

Investing in skimmers, Ph testers, and chlorine tablets – Swindon based, will all help. Here’s how you can look after your pool and enjoy it for years to come.

  1. Clean The Pool At Least Once A Week

If your pool is outdoors, you’ll have to tackle the leaves and other debris that tend to find their way into it. You can stop most of this happening by using a pool cover, but your pool will still need cleaning at least once a week.

Empty your skimmer baskets, skim the pool to get any debris off the surface, and remove debris from the bottom of the pool with a specially designed vacuum cleaner. Doing this regularly will stop the build up of debris, and keep the pool as clean as possible.

  1. Test The Water Regularly

Keeping the water in your pool safe for use is important, no matter what time of year. The right balance of chemicals is needed to keep swimmers safe and comfortable while they use the pool. Check the water 2 or 3 times a week during the summer, and once a week during the winter.

  1. Keep The Chlorine Levels Correct

Chlorine is vital for any pool, as it’ll sanitise your pool and kill any bacteria that’s growing in it. Without it, your pool won’t be safe to swim in. There are several ways to chlorinate your pool, including chlorine tablets – Swindon based. These will make it easy to sanitise the pool and have it ready to swim in all year round.

  1. Prevent Algae From Forming

Algae is a real problem for pool owners, as it can make pools unsanitary to use. There are ways to ensuring it doesn’t grow in your pool, though.

Shock treatments can be bought that’ll sanitise the pool and kill organisms growing in it. You can also buy Algaecide, which acts as a back up to your normal cleaning routine.

  1. Exercise Caution Around Your Pool

Finally, the best way to enjoy your pool is to ensure you’re using it safely. This means that as well as keeping it clean, you’re using it in the correct way. When there are children around, never let them use it unsupervised.

Another good option is to include a footbath to avoid debris from coming into the pool on swimmers’ feet. The more careful you are with your pool, the more enjoyment you’ll get from it.

These tips will help you keep your pool in good condition for years to come. If you need chlorine tablets – Swindon based, or any other pool accessories, we here at Suds Online have you covered. Take a look at our store to see what we can offer you.

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