About Us

First of all we stock a vast range of hot tub chemicals and swimming pool chemicals. Including stabilised chlorine tablets and granules, spa chlorine, shock chlorine granules of different sizes. Bromine tablets, ph minus , ph increaser, aquasparkle products, lay-z-spa accessories, and many specialty products like anti foam and clarifiers.
If you are looking for tips and tricks to help you keep your swimming pool and hot tub clean and healthy you have come to the right place!
Swindon pool chemicals have a range of water testing kits including top brands like Clearwater, lovibond and Aquachek. At Swindon pool chemicals we are the only genuine stockist of suds online branded chemicals.
To add to the we keep stock of other well know brands like Bluehorizons, Aquasparkle and Relax. All of our chlorine tablets are slow dissolving taking 3-5 days to dissolve therefore your bathing water will be fresh and healthy
You can buy swimming pool and hot tub chemicals from us at Swindon pool chemicals in the exact size you need from 200g to 20kg