20g Stabilised Chlorine Tablets With Choice Of Float


20g Chlorine Tablets

are a safe and simple way of keeping your pool clean and managing your PH Levels. Simply add the 20g Chlorine Tablets to your floating chlorine dispenser and let it condition your water as it floats around.

(Always Remove Floating Chlorine Dispenser when using your Hot Tub or Swimming Pool)

20g Chlorine Tablets Contain Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Dry.

Application: These slow dissolving tablets supply continuous chlorination. They are designed for use with a chlorine feeder or dispenser.

Remove floating dispenser when swimming or in hot tub.

These slow dissolving chlorine may require an oxidizer or shock when you first fill the hot tub or pool.

Ensure tablets used are of the same chemical. If other materials have been used previously then wash out thoroughly before adding tablets.

Test chlorine levels regularly and maintain a chlorine residual of between 2-3mg/litre (ppm).

Check PH regularly and maintain a PH level of 7.2 to 7.6.

Simple dip test strips will help with chlorine and PH levels

all chlorine tablets come in resalable pots

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