Aquachek 50 Chlorine Test Strips 4 Way Hot Tub Swimming Pool Quick DIP


50 x 4 Way Aquachek Luxury Chlorine Test Strips

One Dip To Test.,Chlorine Test Strips Test:

PH – A proper PH level keeps the water from causing corrosion or scaling.

Free Chlorine – An Ideal level of Free Chlorine keeps the water sparkling clean.

Total Alkalinity-keeping this correct will stop sudden PH changes.

Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) – An ideal level of Cyanuric acid protects against chlorine loss caused by sunlight.

Three Easy Steps…(1)Dip and remove strip (2) Wait 15 Seconds (3) Compare Pads to colour chart on bottle,EASY !

Fast. Easy. Accurate.,Now with Flip-Cap Strip Dispenser !

Aquachek Strips are as accurate as liquid kits but faster and easier to use,produced in a facility that makes test strips for the medical industry under strict ISO 9001 guidelines,

Aquachek are the world #1 brand of pool and spa test strips.

Water Treatment charts enclosed within the strips.

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