Bestway 8′ Fast Set Inflatable Pool Set, 2.44m x 61cm x 24″/2.44m x 61cm Pool Set BW57450


  • FAST SET GARDEN POOL: An ideal choice for families looking to cool down in the summer sun while being in the comfort of your own garden
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT: The Bestway pool is designed with Duraplus enhanced 3-layer liner which is reinforced for strength and durability – this improves puncture resistance by 85%
  • EASY TO SET-UP: The pool is quick to set-up with no tools being required for a stress free experience
  • BUILT-IN DRAIN VALVE: Ideal design for setting up the pool quickly by attaching the garden hose and away you go, the pool is also easy to drain and put away for off season storage
  • FILL & RISE POOL: All you need is a flat surface and to inflate the top ring, then the pool will simply rise when it is filled with water. Water capacity: 1,880 L


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