Blue Horizons Swimming Pool Tile & Liner Cleaner 2ltr


Swimming Pool Tile and Liner Cleaner

This Blue Horizons Tile and Cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases that can accumulate around the pool waterline.

Designed for use on tiled and liner pools,thoroughly cleansing your pool surface.

How to Apply:

1.Always test a small area of the pool surface to ensure compatibility before treating the whole pool.

2.Wet the area to be treated using pool water.

3.Apply Tile & Liner Cleaner using a cloth or sponge to the surface to be cleaned.

4.Gently work Tile & Liner Cleaner onto the waterline to remove any staining.

5.After cleaning the area,rinse thoroughly using pool water.

A dirty waterline is not just full of bacteria from your pool but is also unsatisfactory upon the eye, remove it today with Tile & Liner Cleaner!

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