Bluehorizons Algae Controller Prevents And Treats Algae Keep Swimming Pool Clean Green


Bluehorizons algae controller 500ml

This champion algaecide helps to prevent the growth of algae and to treat current algaecide in swimming pools.

Used each week, it is an effective means of controlling algae growth when used in combination with the swimming pool’s disinfectant and Correct Ph Maintenance.

Dose Rate As an initial dose add 50ml Algae Controller to 1000 Gallons / 4500 Litres of pool water.

Then as a weekly dose: Add 25ml Algae Controller to 1000 Gallons / 4500 Litres of swimming pool water.

Application Settings Maintain The Ph levels within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6, check the chlorine levels ae between the ideal range of 1-3mg ppm, pour the solution into the water when the pumps are turned on, and add the initial dose and weekly dose as stated

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