O-Care Starter Kit for Spas


  • This item comes with kerbside. To deliver the item to a location of choice on your property, please make additional arrangements with a third party before delivery
  • Natural whirlpool and spa water care. Two compounds used weekly, lasts up to 5 weeks. Provides a cost-effective chance for you to use O-Care over a longer period of time to see the value of O-Care
  • Safe: works with chlorine and bromine and reduces the use of disinfectants in your hot tub by up to 80%.
  • SOFT – Leaves skin feeling soft and odorless. Crystal clear water, silky smooth skin and natural ingredients are safer for the environment
  • EASY – Apply once a week, lasts up to 5 weeks. Makes hot tub water and spa maintenance easy and saves money
  • Includes water care app to help troubleshooting pH value, clear water, chemical odors in your hot tub water
  • Optional “Refill” kit is the same solution in 2 litres that lasts 3-4 months of constant protection with continuous value, results and water clarity

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