TA Plus Total Alkalinity increaser raiser For Hot Tubs Spas swimming pools


When Pool or Spa Total Alkalinity is low it can be difficult to get the pH correct and rapid changes
in the pH can occur for seemingly no reason. The pH and chlorine testers often show an incorrect level as well.

To truly get the best out of your pool or spa it is recommended that you firstly  get the
total alkalinity (TA) of your pool or spa correct. It will then allow you to set the ph and chlorine much more accurately.

As we have had some weird person giving us a negative because the label is now different and the container design has changed!!! we now make the statement that the product can come in a different container but it the same make and product.

This is easy to do using Panacea’s TA increaser granules.

The Total Alkalinity should be between 80-140mg/l (ppm).
Full instructions are included.
Most test strips have total alkalinity testing, so it’s easy to test for!
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