Swimming Pool – Opening Up For Spring

There is no set correct way to open up your pool in spring as everybody’s swimming pool will be different to each other but here are a few helping tips.

Remove your winter cover and lay out to fully dry before folding away and putting in storage.

If your swimming pool’s water level has dropped below the skimmer, simply add water until it had reached half way up the skimmer.

If the water has remained at the correct level over winter place your simmer basket(s) back and re connect all of the pipe work you discounted before winter. it is a handy to add a lubricant ( e.g. vaseline)  to any O rings and reset your pool filter to recirculate along with priming your swimming pool pump to resume normal water flow.

Remember to backwash your filter for at least 5-10 minutes.

Test Your Swimming Pool.

Test your swimming pool water and adjust the ph levels to between 7.0 and 7.6, Whilst you wait for the ph levels to be correct your can start removing any leaves or much that may be on the swimming pool floor with you vacuum or swimming pool nets.

if your swimming pool water if clear your will need to you will add a shock chlorine dose even if you use a non chlorine based system. Adding the shock chlorine will make your pool water cloudy so it is a good idea to use our pool clean water clarifier to restore clarity.

Over the next few days you will want too keep an eye on your swimming pool filter / skimmer basket(s) making sure they do not clog up. Whilst also testing the chlorine and pH levels adjusting when appropriate.

After the chlorine levels have dropped back to the recommended levels you can re attach your solar cover and switch off the bypass to the heating and raise the heat to your comfortable bathing levels allow you and your family to get back in the pool and enjoy the swimming season.





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