Bestway Air Step 62004 Foot Pump


  • 1. Adjustable and Portable: The foot pump is a must-have product in spring and summer. It is easy to use and foldable for easy storage. It can be inflated and deflated, and has multiple nozzles to accommodate multiple air valves, without other accessories or accessories. It also includes a nearly 1 meter long accordion connector hose, which includes interchangeable nozzles for each air valve.
  • 2. Stable and Effortless: The grooves on the top and bottom provide you with stability and allow the inflator to be easily placed flat on the floor and under your feet for quick air blowing. The air pressure is very powerful and can inflate a large inflatable bed effortlessly.
  • 3. Fits Various Objects: Moderate capacity foot pump, suitable for inflatable swimming pool toys, water buoys, large balls, swimming pools, children’s pools, air cushions and other inflatable products.
  • 4. Easy to Use: Just use your foot or hand to step on or push the basic pedal, and the air will enter the object you want to inflate through the tube, which can be easily operated by any man, woman or child! This inflatable foot pump is small but powerful, portable, lightweight and extremely convenient without a battery.
  • 5. Easy to Storage: This manual air pump is ideal for use in the water for your boat or kayak tube or paddle board and other water games. You don’t have to worry about packing it for camping or skiing trips, because unlike an electric pump, it is extremely easy to collapse and can be stored anywhere in your bag or car. You can deflate!
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